Claim a badge and provide some feedback

You are very welcome to claim a TLC badge if you participate, facilitated or moderated a TLC webinar.

The process to Claim ‘n’ Display a TLC bade
Please use the form below to claim your badge and also provide some feedback on your TLC experience.
You will need to accept and collect each badge by following the link in the email, on the website.
The first email/badge will require you to create an account on the Credly website – – using the email address the notification has been sent to: badges are linked and personal to you via this email address and cannot be transferred to different email address. Your badge will join other badges you have earned through the website.
If you want to export these badges to your Mozilla Backpack, to share with other badges you have or will earn from other badge providers (including Mozilla, Blackboard, etc.), then click the ‘Manage’ text on the badge image and send to Mozilla. If this is the case, an account on the Mozilla Backpack system will be required, which you can create on

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