Capturing active learning in the classroom: new opportunities to enhance learner engagement


  Dr Stephen Powell

Principal Lecturer, Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching
Manchester Metropolitan University

 John Couperthwaite Dr John Couperthwaite

Solutions Engineer, EMEA at Echo360, Inc.

About this conversation:

As capture technologies become commonplace internationally across higher education institutions, this has contributed to a growing realisation that learners require more opportunities for engagement in class, for more effective feedback from instructors and more authentic learning activities. Educators are seeking new solutions to combine these technologies with emerging polling, discussion and note-taking tools to enhance active learning for in-class and online learners. Students can benefit from a new focus on their metacognitive skills to improve how they learn across different settings.  For academics, this includes thinking about the design of their teaching so that learners have the best opportunity to flourish in their chosen subject or discipline.

This conversation will suggest some advantages of active learning approaches and pose questions about how capture technology can support this.  Case studies from different countries will be presented to explore how capture technology has been put to use, and this will be used to stimulate discussions about the experience of learners and teachers in making this a success, and the impact on learning.  Some practical ideas will be shared and an evidence base of literature introduced to support colleagues in contextualising and developing their own pedagogical approaches. In addition, this interactive session will provide opportunities for sharing of ideas, asking questions, and exploring opportunities.

About Stephen:

Stephen is an academic developer at Manchester Metropolitan University.  He has worked as an educationalist from the compulsory school sector through to higher education using online technologies throughout.  In higher education, Stephen has worked on numerous Jisc funded projects with a particular focus on authentic work focused learning.

About John: 

John is an experienced educational professional who has worked within the higher education sector for over 20 years. His activities in technology enhanced learning have embraced leadership of large infrastructure projects, management of instructional design teams, and being actively involved in educational research, community engagement and software development. At Echo360, his role is to promote and celebrate the educational use of active learning and lecture capture, whilst also exploring how the platform can meet changing demands from learners, and evolving teaching and learning practices.

When: Tuesday 16th January 2018 12:00-13:00 (UK Time)

Joining the conversation:

Simply follow this link and enter as a guest by typing your name, institution and country into the name field and clicking on the “Join Meeting” button.

Whether or not you have previously participated in a webinar or online activity using Adobe Connect we advise that you make sure that you do some checking and preparation in advance. Check your set-up and connection here.

You may also find our Adobe Connect Webinar Participant Guide useful to print out in advance of the session.We really hope that you will be able to join for what should be a lively and highly interactive TLC.

2 thoughts on “Capturing active learning in the classroom: new opportunities to enhance learner engagement

    • Hi Helen, Adobe Connect is web-based so you don’t have to download any applications to attend the webinar, just a case of clicking on the link to enter the room. We will also be recording the session and this will be posted on the ‘TLC Archive’ page shortly after the conversation.

      Thanks, TLC Team.


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