Digital identity as/and work with Helen Beetham

A teaching and learning conversation in collaboration with the open course Flexible, Open and Social Learning with:

 Helen Beetham Helen Beetham

Researcher, writer, education consultant: digital futures, digital literacy, e-learning, pedagogy, innovation

About this conversation:

A positive, ’employable’ persona is an asset that education is supposed to provide. Increasingly that persona is developed and presented in digital spaces and media. So digital identity work – the development and management of digital personae – is becoming part of the HE experience. Sometimes it is closely tied to issues of career choice and development, and sometimes it is more closely aligned with aspects of the subject specialist curriculum.

In this conversation we will discuss what we mean by digital identity for work, especially in an HE context. The background reading introduces emergent trends in work and workplaces, and asks what kinds of mindset and aptitude will be needed to thrive. This will naturally lead on to issues of curriculum design for digital identity development.

We will also explore the idea that our digital identities are work of a kind, and the results of that work. Should we consider the labour we put into managing our digital personae as leisure, creativity, or as unpaid work we provide to digital platforms, helping to generate value for them?

About Helen:

Helen Beetham is an independent researcher, writer and consultant on digital literacies. She works for Jisc in the UK, on projects based in the EU, Australia and the US, and for a number of global universities. Helen works particularly in the areas of digital capability, digital citizenship and digital wellbeing, the learning experience, and curriculum design.

When: Wednesday 18th October 2017 13:00-14:00 (UK Time)

Background reading:

OECD forum on the future of work (2016)

Any article of your choice with the keywords ‘digital identity’ and ‘work’ or ‘labour’ or ‘social capital’ or ‘learning’. For example (from a variety of perspectives):

Gandini, A (2016) Digital work: self-branding and social capital in the freelance knowledge economy. Marketing Theory 16(1)

Lemke, J (2016) Identity, Development and Desire: Critical Questions. In Caldas-Coulthard RC & Iedema R (eds) Identity Trouble: Critical Discourse and Contested Identities, Springer (also available on google books)

Fuchs C. (2014) Digital prosumption labour on social media in the context of the capitalist regime of time. Sociological Review 23 (1)

Any article in Bayne S and Land R (2011) Digital Difference: Perspectives in Online Learning. Springer. (Also available on googlebooks)

Joining the conversation:

Simply follow this link and enter as a guest by typing your name, institution and country into the name field and clicking on the “Join Meeting” button.

Whether or not you have previously participated in a webinar or online activity using Adobe Connect we advise that you make sure that you do some checking and preparation in advance. Check your set-up and connection here.

You may also find our Adobe Connect Webinar Participant Guide useful to print out in advance of the session.We really hope that you will be able to join for what should be a lively and highly interactive TLC.

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