Using social media for belonging and bonding

A teaching and learning conversation with:

 danielle_dhayer Danielle D’Hayer 

Associate professor Interpreting Studies at London Metropolitan University

About this conversation:

Do you remember the excitement of joining a new course? Do you also remember how nervous you were the day before coming to class? How easy was it to engage in a conversation with classmates? Not even to mention the tutor?

Well, it does not have to be like that.

First, because tutors are as nervous as students. But this is a well-kept secret.

Second, because new technologies and social media allow us to connect, interact, contribute, listen, learn and socialise at any time and anywhere.

They key question is: how do I connect with students and peers using new technologies? What social media should I consider? Isn’t this dangerous or even a waste of time? Don’t we have enough to do already? Does it really work?

Add these questions to yours and the one hour webinar will feel like 5 minutes.

Why don’t you join us to try to answer these questions together? I don’t guarantee we find all the answers but I am certain we can share some good experience and tips.

I will share 3 main case studies with you:

1.     Meeting on Google Communities before, during and after the course

2.     Twitter: an invitation to bond beyond the classroom

3.     Virtual classes: moving from competition to collaboration.

We can already start our conversation on Twitter if you wish. Follow me on Twitter @DDhayer. We can use the official hashtag #tlcwebinars

About Danielle:

I am Associate professor Interpreting Studies at London Metropolitan University and the course leader for the MA Conference Interpreting and the MA Interpreting. I am a trained interpreter myself.

I am a PhD student. The title of my thesis is: ‘In what ways do (virtual) Communities of Practice facilitate successful learning in the context of professional development for interpreting students and practitioners?’

I have been using new technologies in the classroom since 2008. Technologies and social media are now fully integrated to our daily activities. As such, I have tried to integrate them to our daily formal and informal interactions to enhance not only the learning experience but also the way we interact within and beyond the boundaries of the classroom.  I try to create learning spaces and offer opportunities to safely experiment interactions that may inspire students, staff, alumni and employers connected to the course to grow together. Learning on a course and the classroom experience are only a wonderful excuse to discover new selves, new horizons and elaborate new visions of the world we live in.

When: Tuesday 13th December 2016 12:30-13:30 (UK Time)

Joining the conversation:

Simply follow this link and enter as a guest by typing your name, institution and country into the name field and clicking on the “Join Meeting” button.

Whether or not you have previously participated in a webinar or online activity using Adobe Connect we advise that you make sure that you do some checking and preparation in advance. Check your set-up and connection here.

You may also find our Adobe Connect Webinar Participant Guide useful to print out in advance of the session.We really hope that you will be able to join for what should be a lively and highly interactive TLC.

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About Rod Cullen

I am a Senior Lecturer in Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Learning Innovation Team at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have gained considerable experience over almost 20 years in design, delivery and evaluation of online learning, teaching and assessment. I am particularly interested in assessment and feedback practice as well as the emerging role of web conferencing technologies to support blended and distance learning.

5 thoughts on “Using social media for belonging and bonding

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  2. Hi
    I am very interested in this seminar, just completed my EdD about how academics use Twitter for learning – interestingly many of them lurked online because they had not found belonging in open space of Twitter – So your seminar which opens the conversation on belonging is really important. Looking forward to this 🙂
    best wishes
    Muireann @muireannOK


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