TLCs 2016/17: Open Call for contributions

TLCs are free, monthly online webinars (normally 1 hour), organised by a collaboration of colleagues from several UK universities.  There are two main aims to TLCs

  1. To provide an opportunity to share and discuss interesting, creative and innovative practice in learning, teaching and assessment within a supportive and critically friendly academic community.
  2. To experiment with the “webinar” format in the context of providing engaging, interactive and effective continuing professional development experiences for participants and facilitators of TLCs.

We are seeking contributions from colleagues with an interesting idea, project or experience of learning, teaching and/or assessment to contribute to the 2016/17 TLC programme starting in October 2016.

For the 2016/17 series, we are particularly interested in supporting colleagues who have limited experience or who have never delivered a webinar before to do so.  This is quite experimental, as this support will be provided remotely.  This is an exciting new development for TLCs.

Webinar veterans are also very much welcome to submit proposals for contributions.

Please complete and submit your TLC Proposal and the team will contact you asap.

If you have any questions about the TLC open call please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The TLC Team.

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About Rod Cullen

I am a Senior Lecturer in Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Learning Innovation Team at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have gained considerable experience over almost 20 years in design, delivery and evaluation of online learning, teaching and assessment. I am particularly interested in assessment and feedback practice as well as the emerging role of web conferencing technologies to support blended and distance learning.

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