Christmas TLC: Big Fat Higher Education Quiz of the Year

With Quizmaster:

CalumCalum Thomson

University of Salford

When: Tuesday 8th December 12:00-13:30 (90 minutes)

The December TLC, the Big Fat Higher Education Quiz of the Year, is going to vary slightly from the webinars that have formed previous TLCs in the series in that it does not address a specific subject. Instead, it sets out to do three things through a series engaging activities and discussions.


Being that it is the end of the year, this TLC will be structured around a series of activities focused on participants sharing their reflections on 2015, and plans for 2016. An informal, synchronous activity will look back over the events in and affecting Higher Education during 2015.


During the recent series of TLCs, the TLC team have set out not only to provide a platform for sharing experiences and collaborating, but also to push the boundaries of the possible activities that can be facilitated via webinar. We will experiment with the synchronous online environment, moving the session out with the confines of the webinar environment while still keeping things synchronous.


Finally, and most importantly, we are going to have fun because hey, the days have drawn shorter, the festive season is upon us, and at these times it is good to get to know each other and enjoy ourselves. And yes, there will be a quiz, and yes, there will be a prize!

Consider this the TLC office party!

Joining the conversation:

Simply follow this link and enter as a guest by typing your name, institution and country into the name field and clicking on the “Join Meeting” button.

Whether or not you have previously participated in a webinar or online activity using Adobe Connect we advise that you make sure that you do some checking and preparation in advance. Check your set-up and connection here.

You may also find our Adobe Connect Webinar Participant Guide useful to print out in advance of the session.We really hope that you will be able to join for what should be a lively and highly interactive TLC.

During this webinar we plan to experiment with the simultaneous use of 3rd party online collaboration and quiz tools. This will require you to be able to view two tools (the Adobe Connect webinar and a 3rd party tool) simultaneously. This can be achieved through:

  1. a second screen
  2. second device
  3. two web browser windows on the same screen.
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I am a Senior Lecturer in Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Learning Innovation Team at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have gained considerable experience over almost 20 years in design, delivery and evaluation of online learning, teaching and assessment. I am particularly interested in assessment and feedback practice as well as the emerging role of web conferencing technologies to support blended and distance learning.

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